Gym attire by MermaidFace

Lockdown Gym Attire for the rescue! 

Welcome to lockdown day number 396… Okay, maybe I have slightly exaggerated this, but it definitely feels like it has been going on for the longest time. I was so excited to receive a call from the MermaidFace telling me about fabulous new stock that has arrived. I’m sure you remember the fantastic beach shoot we did back in September. However, this time there were no mermaids in sight – sorry guys! Although can you imagine having gym attire explicitly designed for mermaids? I think this is definitely something I need to pinch to the MermaidFace girls! 

Because of lockdowns across the UK, we were very limited with locations as to where we could produce our shoot. Thankfully we have received a green light from the owner of Sweat It Gym in Kent to use their space for the shoot! Fabulous! This couldn’t be any greater space for this specific project, right?! 

On the day of the shoot, everything went smooth and perfect. We have worked out our plan of action, stations and sanitation routines to make sure we are all safe and following the government’s guidelines. There were nine super fab gym attires which were split between three gorgeous models – whom I had the pleasure to work with in the past. Honestly, this shoot felt calm and easy-going; I didn’t want it to end. The whole team worked so well together, which you can see in the images. Pure perfection!

Now, I know that apart from the Mermaid gym attire, the boss lady is already planning the spring/summer collection, so I hope to be back here soon with another stunning wave!

All the gym attire plus bespoke swimwear, beachwear, co-ords and more can be found on the MermaidFace website


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