Les Deux Alpes 2018

Snow, Music and Adventure! – Les Deux Alpes


Bonjour! Bonsoir!


I think that would be it for my French! I must admit France and mountains is the most beautiful combination! After 13 years of avoiding winter holidays, snow and skiing; it was about the time I braved it! Yes, it was cold; yes it snowed quite a bit but being above the clouds and seeing the views were priceless.


Not to mention the amazing Rise Festival with acts like Annie Mac, Hospitality and S.P.Y (just naming my favourites). The main arena might have looked easy and chilled during the day but at night there was no space to stand! Imagine hundreds and hundreds of people raving to greatest tunes. If you fancy a pre-party warm up it was always good to head over to Pano bar in the middle of the mountains for their happy hour. Watch out though – after one too many drinks you might want to take the lift back rather then snowboard/ski it down the slopes!


We were quite lucky with the weather, or at least I think so! We have managed to get beautiful sunny days with great visibility – just perfect conditions for snow activities; as well as snow storms that have lasted a whole day, I could have not seen anything within 3 meters. It felt like a thick snow waterfall – insane!!


Overall, I had a great time at both a festival and up the mountains at Pano. Everyone who is considering booking your Rise tickets for 2019 – you should do it! All the party people whom I’ve met over the last couple of days have already guaranteed their attendance the next season! It has been a great holiday for all of us and I cannot wait for my next adventure!


Anyway, why trust my words; have a look yourself!

Zante 2016

Seven days in heaven – this is how I’d like to describe my holiday in Zante. It was the most intense and activity-packed vacation I’d had since 2006. No lying idly on the sunbed, no time to spare. Guess what, this is how it goes when you tag along your rents! They just couldn’t sit down for more than 10 mins, which by all means shouldn’t be a bad thing. No sooner had we checked in at the hotel than we found ourselves on one of the famous boat tours.

So determined they were to squeeze every bit of juice out of our holiday. At first, we went around Cameo Island for turtle spotting. Unfortunately, the turtle season ends exactly in September, therefore it was quite difficult to find them around. When we finally managed to spot one, the poor creature was completely surrounded by boats. Next, we went to swim around the Keri Caves – I’d never seen such crystal clear water in my life! At the end, the Capitan took us to the Caretta Island to see the place where the sea turtles lay eggs.

Zante is magical, no one can deny it. Most people of 18-30 flock at Laganas, which is the party part of the island. That’s where the clubs never close, and where you can spend the night of your life for just about £10. Honestly, this is not what I came here for, haha! My idea was to explore the island as much as possible.

I made my first attempts to shoot the Milky Way on top of the Keri Caves, and I’d driven a quad for the first time in my life (no one was injured, uff). We took an 8-hour long trip around the island (I slept through most of it) with entry to the best attractions of Zante: the Shipwreck beach, Blue Caves and Gigia Beach. Obviously, my mother’s boyfriend and my dear friend (who casually joined us for a few days) wanted to visit the banana beach for all the water sports.

I could go on and on how amazing my holiday was and how incredible Zante is, but you guys just need to go and see it for yourself!