Another year has gone and another tour is done. I have been involved with Color Obstacle Rush for a good couple of years and I love watching it grow.

Every year they don’t fail to bring a fresh set of objects and ideas. Each and every year you can expect 20 bouncy obstacles, 8 shades of rainbow colour stations and 20 music zones to keep you motivated throughout the rush. At the end of each race, you are invited to join the colour festival. A festival where hundreds of cheery participants, get to throw their colour packets up in the air and create a unique bright cloud!


This tour is quite literately the highlight of my year. It is not about racing each other or to make to the finish line as the first. It’s about getting out there, doing those 5 kilometres with fun stops and enjoying yourselves. You don’t have to run! I have seen many, many people dancing their patch from the very first until the very last obstacle. You are also more than welcome to hang out in the chillout area to relax, listen to music, have a picnic and enjoy the day!

It was a ridiculous 3 months and 11 events. I was able to travel from the North all the way down South, from East to West and don’t let me forget the fantastic event in the heart of France – Paris. On last year’s tour, I managed to take over 35.000 photographs! How amazing is that?! I’m looking forward to what this year has in its sleeve!

Whether you have a friend who loves a ‘fun-run’ or maybe you are planning a family day out. Colour Obstacle Rush is designed to entertain people of all ages (12+)!

Are you already the Color Obstacle Rush lover? Then I hope to see you rocking it again this year! Roll on 2019!


Are you planning a bespoke event? I love to experience and photograph new things! Don’t be a stranger and get in touch with me today =)

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